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Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration

(Also known as the 'OSLC' open community)

An open community building practical specifications for integrating data



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Organizations are experiencing extreme pressures for digital transformations in order to collect, communicate, validate, reason about and act on high volumes of data for innovative new competitive opportunities. Addressing this pressure requires a flexible, efficient, and effective means of planning, building, operating, assessing and managing potentially complex, rapidly changing, integrated solutions. OSLC is a community of cross-industry experts who explore common challenges to enable better software integrations. Our specifications are free to adopt, and we facilitate sample integrations. OSLC technologies are inspired by the Web, meaning they use open linked data standards, RESTful services, and base data connections on the power of the URL.

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We have a variety of ways to get involved with the OSLC community. Whether you are a software developer, systems integrator, tool vendor or buyer, consultant, analyst, or open source enthusiast, there is value both in flexibility and cost savings of contributing to the community based around open interfaces.



Seeing is doing, so come and learn how to do things. In the resources section of the site, you will find various resources to help including tutorials, videos, articles, and presentations. ...See all


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Find out all the latest happenings in the OSLC community. This could be site announcements, software news, stories from the wider OSLC ecosystem, and more.

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Jun 24, 2017
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